Education For All

Every parent in Idaho knows that each child is unique. Yet too often, families are limited to educational opportunities based solely on where they live or what they can afford. Each child deserves an education that prepares him or her for success in school and in life. There is hope. This year, Idaho policymakers are considering the creation of the Guided Education Management (GEM) Scholarship. This powerful tool provides families with the resources to find the right fit for their children beyond the one-size-fits-all schooling that keeps many students from realizing his or her full potential. There is no additional cost to taxpayers. Eligible families receiving an GEM Scholarships can have their child’s education funding deposited  that they can use to pay for private school tuition, online courses, tutoring, special education services and many other state-authorized uses. By providing access to a range of educational options, GEM Scholarships empower Idaho families with the ability to create a customized education plan that maximizes a child’s natural learning abilities.